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Knight Program Timeline: Real Estate Executive Education Courses, Charrettes, Symposia, Conferences, Workshops

Courses in Real Estate and New Urbanism

National Charrette Institute Charrette Planner Certification
January 16-18, 2008

National Charrette Institute Charrette Planner Certification
February 14-16, 2007

Real Estate Development Methods for Urban Redevelopment and Preservation
March 16-17, 2006, Coral Gables, Florida

National Charrette Institute Charrette Planner Certification
February 22-24, 2006, Coral Gables, Florida

Introduction to Real Estate Law, Negotiations, and Approvals
January 20-21, 2006, Coral Gables, Florida

How to Become a Town Architect
November 12, 2005, Coral Gables, Florida

Retail Development: From Shopping Centers to Town Centers
April 28-29, 2005, Coral Gables, Florida

Charrette Planning and the Public Process for Real Estate Development
March 2-4, 2005, Coral Gables, Florida

Introduction to Finance for Real Estate Development
January 6-8, 2005, Coral Gables, Florida

Market Analysis and Marketing for Real Estate Development
November 8-9, 2004, Coral Gables, Florida

Introduction to Finance for Real Estate Development
January 17-19, 2004, Coral Gables, Florida  

Case Study in New Urbanist Real Estate Development
in association with The Seaside Institute
December 4-6, 2003 Miami Beach, Florida


Memphis Winchester Park/Intown Charrette
July 17-22, 2006, Memphis, Tennessee

East Downtown, Hillside, Waterfront Neighborhood Charrette
July 13-18, 2005, Duluth, Minnesota

Coatesville Charrette
October 22-27, 2003, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Evergreen-Eastridge Charrette
November 13-18, 2002, San Jose, California

Beallís Hill Charrette
November 1-6, 2001, Macon, Georgia

Symposia and Conferences

New Urbanism Education Retreat
January 8-9, 2007, Coral Gables, Florida

Mississippi Recovery, Rebuilding, and Renewal Center
August 7-8, 2006, Gulfport, Mississippi

Place Making and Community Building
March 22-23, 2004, Coral Gables, Florida

Civic Art 2002 Symposium
October 4-6, 2002, Miami Beach, Florida

New Plazas Symposium
October 19-21, 2001, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Transect Seminar
April 26-29, 2001, New Haven, Connecticut

Seminars, Workshops, and Study Tours for Knight Fellows

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU XIV)
June 1-4, 2006, Providence, Rhode Island

Traditional Neighborhood Development Seminar, Seaside Institute
December 7-11, 2005, Seaside, Florida

Introduction to Community Building
November 2-5, 2005, Coral Gables, Florida

Study Tour of Minneapolis
July 12, 2005, Mineapolis, Minnesota

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU XIII)
June 9-12, 2005, Pasadena, California

Miami Beach Seminar
January 27-30, 2005, Miami Beach, Florida

Introduction to Community Building, Miami, Florida
November 6-9, 2004, Miami, Florida

Study Tour of South Florida
March 20-22, 2004, Orlando, Celebration, Windsor, Jupiter, and Boca Raton

Study Tour of Florida
March 10-12, 2003, Orlando and Celebration

Seaside Seminar, Introduction to Community Building
March 6-9, 2003, Seaside, Florida

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU XI)
June 19-22, 2003, Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Seminar and Study Tours
July 9-14, 2002, Washington, D.C.

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU X)
June 13-16, 2003, Miami Beach, Florida

The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town Seminar
March 16-19, 2002, Miami, Florida

Fall Workshop
September 9-13, 2001, Miami, Florida

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU IX)
June 6-10, 2001, New York, New York

Inaugural Seminar
March 7-10, 2001, Miami, Florida


Knight Program in Community Building: An Overview
January 23, 2006-August 11, 2006

European Urbanism, 1995-2005
October 17-December 2, 2005 

The Knight Program: Interdisciplinary Community Building
March 21-April 25, 2004, Gallery, School of Architecture, University of Miami



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